Moustache Mug Gifts That Will Make Your Father Smile

A little while back, I decided to make coffee mugs with mustaches for a dad’s gift. I was looking for a gift on Amazon and this crazy idea popped up. It was a coffee mug with a mustache. I thought it was crazy to see a mustache on a trump coffee mug, but there it was in my mind. My dad was one of those guys who always had a mustache or some variation. I hardly ever see my dad without one. So, I made the gift for my dad and my dad ended up loving it. A couple days later, I was thinking I should tell people about it to make their dads love the gift too. So, I want to tell you guys how to make a coffee mug with a mustache for your dad.

Materials You Will Need

Relax, your dad will be happy with the basic materials to make the coffee mustache gift that I am going to give you. Putting a mustache on a coffee cup requires some basic material. You won’t have to buy expensive trump coffee mug or use fancy paint. All you need to do is buy some sharpie makers, a coffee cup, and a mustache idea. The coffee cup you can get at your local cheap store or high end place. The cup just needs to look like a coffee mug. It does not need to look like it cost $100. Do the best you can with that. As for the sharpie makers, they can be found at your local school shop. The markers are used for drawing the mustache symbol on the coffee cup. The last part, you need a mustache idea. There are different mustaches to choose from and you need pick one you can draw by hand. If you can’t draw too good, then try getting something that is really simple like the 2 rectangle mustache. The idea can be searched online or be given from someone you know. Once you have all three pieces, you are ready to begin your crazy mustache on a coffee cup gift. Remember, all you need to do to finish the gift is to draw it on the coffee mug and wait.

Mug Color Ideas

Color is a tricky thing when making your dad a DIY coffee gift. It would be a wise idea to talk to your dad and see if they have a favorite color. You can start out with that. But in the event your dad is too stubborn to give you a gift, then you should go with your gut. What color does your dad wear often? Is in into dark tones or light tones? Pay attention to the what your dad wears. You can use it as a base for the color and design you want the coffee cup to be. I am sure your dad won’t hate you if you tried to get the best color you could get. Don’t forget that dads are reasonable. Relax, you will find a color to go with the mustache coffee mug.

Mustache Type and Color Ideas

Which mustache should you draw on the coffee mug? That is a good question. The mustache should be something that your dad likes. Make sure the color is balanced with the coffee mug. Make sure the mustache type is something that won’t make your dad look like an idiot in public. One thing, do not draw a really big mustache on a coffee mug. Make sure the symbol is small to medium size. As in, the symbol takes up a small center of the coffee mug. This will make the mug look like the mustache belongs there. You never want it to look out of place because then your dad will out of place. My dad would get upset and yours will too if you did that. Make sure those measurements are on point. There are many colors to choose from. Just finds find one that looks descent on the coffee mug you chose to buy. Do all this and you should be able to pleas dad.