Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Running on Columbian Time: Josh Ferenc

Josh Ference is a Julbo sponsored mountain runner from Vermont. This month the high energy runner took on competition in the wilds of Columbia racing up an active Volcano. We've collected his vides, posts and thoughts here from his impressive run and this #mountainvision adventure. Watch the build up and strong finish (2nd overall!)for Josh at the Ultra Trail Parque Los Nevados, a 41 mile race in Manizales, Columbia: 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On the Run: Julbo + The Mountain Running Scene

“I've got 3 more big weeks of running in the French alps before UTMB.   I will do some running with Timmy Olson and Mike Foote (North Face guys) who are here all August.   (I’ve been running with the) Trail, the lightest best race glasses ever.“

Julbo athlete and trail runner, Jason Schlarb sent over word yesterday of another trail running win at a 50k in Switzerland, this time a prep event for the well known Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB).

You’ve likely noticed that as a brand we’re popular with trail and mountain runners. That’s no accident. For the better part of a decade, we’ve sought to develop product that meets the needs of runners in the high country, harriers who eschew easy pavement plods for more rarified air. Additionally, we support events around the globe from the newly minted Catamount Ultra near our US head quarters to the hotly contested UTMB high in the Alps. #Mountainvision is a way of life and aside from our core environment in climbing, mountaineering and skiing, trail runs are a fine way to get there.

So in the summer solstice months, we’re fat with stories of running goodness and insights from Julbo athletes that are fleet of foot. We’re also proud. Proud of Larisa Dannis for her impressive run at Western States, proud to see Amber Reece-Young help the US to a mountain running title in Mexico, proud to see the US Skyrunner Series kick off and proud to watch still more great performances from the likes of IanSharman, Denise Bourassa, Joe Gray and Dylan Bowman.

That pride, that connection to the greater running community feeds us back here. It’s what pushes our product development and helps determine the events we offer our brand support. Mountain peaks are scenery to some, a backdrop for a far off view. At Julbo, whether climbing, skiing, riding or, particularly in the last few months, running, the mountains are a place to consistently find and improve our vision.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Julbo Groovy is in Good Company

A Style of Sport pick for summer cycling, we always knew the Groovy was style correct:

Friday, June 27, 2014

WSER: Meet the Julbo Athletes

As the most prestigious endurance running event of the US calendar and the focal point for a number of Julbo- sponsored athletes, the Western States Endurance Run takes a big spot on the mountain running calendar. Here are just a few folks to keep an eye on when the race kicks off tomorrow in Squaw Valley.

Ian Sharman

The Ultra running superstar, coach and race director (of the Julbo-sponsored Skyrunner series) is always a threat in a long run. "Fitness is 50% of the battle on race day," Sharman wrote in advance of WSER. The mental game is something that comes with experience, of which he has no shortage.

Dylan Bowman

Follow Bowman on Strava (which is easier to do than running behind him), you'll see that he's posted over 316,000 feet of climbing and over 1800 miles on the year. Big numbers. The Aspen-based heavy hitter is light on his feet in high altitude, a necessary expectation for winning WSER.

Denise Bourassa

Taking on WSER as a part of the Ultra Grand Slam, Denise Bourassa is unafraid of big challenges. The Bend, Oregon based runner describes her motivation simply, "I explore where only few can go, I follow my feet and open my mind to the beauty of running." 

Beginner's luck is only as good as the person employing it. Fortunately for Larisa Dannis, the first-time Western States runner has some skills to back up the feel good of the first time. Keep an eye on this up-and-comer from New Hampshire.

Gina Lucrezi

Based in Colorado, Gina Lucrezi has a reputation for being a tough competitor and a kind sportsperson. The collegiate winner turned ultra runner took home top honors at the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon in Iceland, her second ultra.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Runner and race director, Will Robens is gearing up for the Catamount Ultra, a Vermont-based endurance run sponsored by Julbo. Will catches up with us on the event.

The Catamount Ultra: What makes it unique? What prompted you to start off this new race?The most unique thing about the race is it’s location. I think that's what has really made this years event so popular. I have been running great trails in and around Stowe for years and the trails at Trapp Family Lodge are incredible. Lots of different forest type, great views, and an awesome crew that keep those trails really nice and runnable, bike-able, and ski-able. I think a lot of people know that and are psyched to get out there for a long trail race.

Will there be Trapp lager on hand?There will be! All finishers will get a nice pint glass made just for the race and a Trapp Lager Brewery beer.

Any features to the race that will figure particularly largely in its challenge?There is a decent amount of climbing early in the 25k loop on the way to the cabin aid station.  However, once you get up there the gradual cruise back down the Haul road is really nice. 50k folks get to do that twice!

What races inspire you and are there any the Catamount Ultra is modeled after?
I can’t say that I modeled this after any one particular race. I love races with variety.  Climbing, downhill, thick forest, long views, the more variety you can find in a race course the quicker those miles roll by. That's one the things that makes the trails at Trapp Family Lodge so great, there are a lot of options.

Anything else you'd like to add?As corny as this may sound, my goal is to put on a race that's for trail runners, by trail runners. I hope everyone who shows up has a great time, feels at least a bit challenged and goes home thinking about coming back next year.

See more at  www.catamountultra.com and www.facebook.com/catamountultra.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Why Julbo? Ian Sharman Explains

We asked ultra runner, Ian Sharman to explain which Julbo glasses were his pick and why in the lead up to the Western States Endurance Run. Here's his response:

The almost instantaneous transition from light to dark eye protection with Zebra lenses is ideal for long trail races where tree cover is mixed with bright open sections. This is my fifth Western States and before I wore Julbo shades I had to keep switching the shades between my face and resting on my head. Not any more - so that makes life just a little easier and let’s me focus on other aspects of the race.